Great Yarmouth

Tidal Defence Project

EA JBA Bentley

About JBA Bentley

JBA Bentley has been appointed as the main contractor for the Great Yarmouth project.


JBA Bentley is a joint venture between JN Bentley and Jeremy Benn Associates (JBA), established in 2013. The partnership brings together the specialist skills and expertise of the two firms: JN Bentley as a civil engineering contractor, and JBA as a water and environmental consultant and designer.  


Services include ECI, catchment modelling, specialist design, environmental and ecological guidance, and civil engineering construction works on anything from flood banks to pumping stations, culverts to sluice gates.


Since our appointment in 2013, we have become an established and highly reputable framework supplier, supporting the Environment Agency and its partners during and after the winter floods to provide protection against flood and coastal erosion risks.